Sunday, April 5, 2015

Follow Me Over to!

I've always been interested in keeping Permanent Head Damage up for graduate students thinking about leaving school.  But it's been several years since I left my PhD program, and I find myself wanting to expand my blog and write about other topics as well, so I've started writing on as well. Looking back at the last 10+ years of my career and work life, I realize there are a lot of challenges young people face in navigating these difficult years between college and figuring out the adult life you want for yourself. 

And figuring out your adult life is an ongoing process that I am realizing is less a destination than a continual calibration as things change and evolve. 

So I will keep this blog up, but you can find me posting more regularly at Young 

Don't worry--it's anything but directionless, but I do tailor entries to grad students and non grad students alike. 

Hope to continue to see you online!